Education & Teaching


Merriwa ESC:

- caters for academic and behavioural needs of children with disabilities– 2 to 12 yrs.

- is a primary school that cares about student achievements and in providing quality programs that are purposeful and authentic to the specific needs of each child.

- has professional staff working in collaboration with various therapists and agencies to ensure success for all students.

- expects high standards in learning and behaviour.

- designs programs to enable all children to achieve according to their capability.


The development of various special programs listed below, has provided a rich learning environment to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.


School Readiness Program: The program provides opportunities for parents and carers to engage in meaningful interactions with their child to stimulate learning and purposeful play in a caring, supportive and relaxed environment. The needs of 2 and 3 year olds with disabilities, developmental delays and diverse learning needs are considered in a play based program. Opportunities are provided for young children to participate in a range of purposeful and modified learning experiences in a language rich setting.

Alternative, Augmentative Communication:  All students are given opportunities to communicate through various tools and strategies. Students with complex communication needs have access to a variety of communication methods such as: gestures, signing, symbols, pictures, communication aids and computers to improve the ability to communicate their needs and wants.


Sensory Learning:  Learning spaces are equipped to provide alternative areas for students to engage in purposeful learning. The program aims to manage and create desired behaviours in a supportive, safe environment which promotes progress and independence. Parents, Teachers and Therapists collaborate to customise individual programs for the students to maximise their success. Students are provided with the resources and strategies to help regulate their sensory systems. Success is evident in improvements in a child’s ability to control behaviour, emotions and energy states.


Protective BehavioursComprehensive lessons are run across all classes utilising the Department of Education endorsed Protective Behaviours WA resources. The lessons are delivered by classroom teachers using a developmental, whole school learning program kit formulated in collaboration with staff, therapists, parents and carers.


Fundamental Movement Program: Students engage in daily classroom lessons and in explicit teaching sessions each week to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills.


Recreation Program:  Opportunities to engage in programs to stimulate creativity and develop self-regulation skills are provided on site and within the community.  Students engage in Yoga, Dance, Art/Craft, Meditation, Kids Aerobics, Gym, Bike Riding, Team games and Ten-Pin bowling activities throughout the year.


Hydrotherapy:  Students with complex needs access the hydrotherapy pool at the local Education Support Secondary School, Butler College, for weekly therapy sessions in the warmer months.


Community Access / Life Skills: Regular opportunities are utilised to provide authentic learning experiences within the local community. Students are taught to access public transport and to engage with real life interactions in their community e.g. shopping.


Incorporating Technology:  Learning through iPads and associated apps, computers, interactive whiteboards, cameras, communication tools and appropriate academic online programs is widely embraced across the centre.