Primary School Overview

Merriwa Primary School is located off Marmion Ave in the fast growing northern suburbs. The current student population is approximately 480 students. The school has an Education Support Centre and Dental Therapy Centre on site catering for students of the school and surrounding suburbs. Both schools collaborate closely when identifying and planning initiatives to improve student outcomes.

We have a range of cultural diversity amongst our students. Cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated through major events such as Harmony Day and NAIDOC Week. Our motto, 'Learning for Life,' captures the community focus of our school. We are committed to building strong and positive partnerships with parents and local community.

A strong focus is placed on academic achievement with priorities in literacy and numeracy. ESL students are a major consideration in all programs. Specialist literacy and numeracy teachers support teaching programs and individual planning is integral to the success of students at risk along with our high achieving extension groups. Our positive and challenging teaching programs allow all students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident independent learners. An inclusive approach exists where students with special needs are supported in their education within mainstream classrooms.

We are proud of our reputation in offering a diverse range of subjects including music, Italian, science program, and physical education which are taught by specialist teachers. The Music program provides opportunities for instrument tuition through the School of Instrumental Music and participation in choral activities and musical productions. A spirited physical education program complements the community based sporting groups and encourages participation through a range of intraschool and interschool activities.

Since being chosen to be a pilot school for the Positive Behaviours in Schools program in 2011, Merriwa schools have focussed on positive reinforcement of good behaviour in both the playground and the classroom. Values education is supported by our Chaplaincy program.

Students are taught in modern classrooms, all with multimedia teaching facilities and a wet area for arts and crafts. Outside, pre-primary students enjoy their own outdoor play area and sandpit. Netball courts, cricket nets, a large oval and a challenging obstacle course provide opportunities for older students. The school is fully air-conditioned providing a pleasant learning environment throughout the year.

Parents and community members are very supportive and the school has a strong and cohesive P&C Association. An active school Board comprises members of the school and local communities.