Third Party Services - Information for Parents

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We are required by the Dept of Education to seek your approval for your child to use online services at school.

We encourage you to support this, so that your child can access the technology and teaching programs we provide at Merriwa Primary School.

Please be assured your child's safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our school provides access to Department of Education online services. These enhance the contemporary learning opportunities available to students and the range of teaching tools available to staff to deliver the Western Australian Curriculum. I am writing to seek approval for your child to be given access to these online services.

The Department’s online services currently provide students with access to:
• the internet, with all reasonable care taken by central office and schools to monitor and control students’ access to websites while at school;
• online teaching and learning services such as Connect, web-conferencing and digital resources; and
• online file storage and sharing services.

If you agree to your child using these online services, please complete the information on the following pages.